New World Resin Driveways
New World Resin Driveways
New World Resin Driveways

Welcome to New World Resin Driveways

We are a Manchester based company who specialise in laying resin bound driveways in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

New World Resin Driveways

Welcome to New World Resin Driveways

We are a Manchester based company who specialise in laying resin bound driveways in Manchester and the surrounding areas.

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Resin Bound Driveways – The popular choice for a new driveway!

Resin Bound Driveways are increasingly becoming the popular new driveway of choice. You may be thinking of upgrading your driveway to improve the look of your property or to increase the value of your home, or both. Either way having a new driveway is a great investment.

There are many advantages to having a resin driveway. For example, there are a wide range of colour combinations to choose from making it easy to select something that blends in with its surroundings whether that’s your property or garden. On the other hand, you may want to create a new driveway surface that contrasts with the environment it’s in. With resin bound driveways you can do either.

For a resin bound driveway you also have a choice of options for the edging. You could have bricks, block paving, slate or even aluminium! As well as being decorative this also serves to retain and protect the surface.

Another advantage to having a resin bound driveway is that as long as it is correctly installed there shouldn’t be any drainage issues. While the resin is permeable the surface underneath must be permeable too. If there are gradients or slopes there shouldn’t be any drainage issues, but it’s important to get the sub base checked thoroughly.

With life being so busy, many individuals and families are looking for low maintenance options. A resin driveway will offer you this. The advantage of it is, that the resin surface will prevent weed and moss growth, which means that providing it’s kept clean it shouldn’t need much maintenance.

How long does it take to install a resin driveway?

If the resin can be overlay using the existing concrete or tarmacadam surface it can take a few days. Even if groundworks are needed the installation can be completed within a week.

When choosing to have a resin bound driveway it is also important that you choose a reputable installer. At New World Driveways we have years of experience installing this type of driveway.

The resin we use is from one of the UK’s premier resin manufacturers. We source our products from manufacturers that adhere to quality management standards and are BBA approved (The British Board of Agrément ), giving you complete peace of mind.

We’ll work with your ideas and advise you on a driveway installation that suits your personal tastes and complements your property.

To find out more contact New World Resin Driveways on 0161 980 6425.

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What are the advantages of having a Resin Bound Driveway?

To find out more about resin bound driveways and the benefits of having one, give us a call on 0161 980 6425.

  • It’s natural looking and creates an attractive finish
  • There’s a huge range of colours to choose from
  • It’s hardwearing and durable
  • A resin bound surface whether used for a driveway or patio etc is environmentally friendly
  • It’s very adaptable making it suitable for a range of different situations
  • It’s permeable so it’s a great choice for outdoor areas
  • It’s flexible so it’s resistant to cracking
  • It doesn’t subside
  • Permeable paving allows the soil underneath it to breathe which ensures that the surface temperature is not too hot in warm weather
  • It’s easy to maintain – a regular brush and a power wash every now and again is all it needs
  • Unlike loose gravel drives, there are no loose stones, so a resin bound driveway gives a seamless finish
  • You will experience minimal weed growth as the resin stone surface restricts this and mould from developing

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