Sleek New Resin Bound Driveway in Offerton, Stockport

If you are thinking of having a new driveway and are considering the various options, you are no doubt becoming more and more aware of the new choice for driveways – resin bound. In recent years having a resin bound driveway has become one of the most popular options because not only dothey look good, but they are environmentally friendly too!

With the increase in the amount of rainfall we now experience in Britain, there is a greater awareness of flooding and the need to ensure that there is plenty of drainage in residential areas. The great thing about resin driveways is that they are a fully permeable paving option. Due to the materials used and the way that a resin driveway is installed, it allows water to freely drain through the surface ensuring that when it rains there is no standing surface water.

We recently installed a new resin driveway in Offerton Stockport. Our clients had an existing tarmac driveway across the front of the house which formed a good base, as it was a 14mm open pore tarmac base. We were able to lay the resin bound on to the tarmac as we were able to make it SuDS compliant.

SuDS stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage System and means that water is allowed to drain through to the natural ground or is directed into a soak away. This means that where rainwater flows is controlled rather than it overload the sewage systems. All of our driveways are SuDS compliant. We can either use the existing base, if it is permeable, or can remove the existing base and lay another one.

Our clients chose to have their resin driveway in Offerton, Stockport in a silver fleck aggregate and edged with a charcoal block. While the space we covered was a basic square shape, once the new resin driveway had been laid it immediately transformed the area into an attractive looking space, simple but effective with the added bonus that it is low maintenance. We just need to lay a new tarmac stop along the front to complete the project and enhance the final look.

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