New Resin Bound Driveway in Gatley?

Resin Driveways – A Great Choice For Any Home!

Are you thinking of upgrading your driveway to improve the appearance of your property, or to increase the space to park your car? It might be that you are keen to add value to your home. Whatever the reason, resin driveways are a great addition.

So, what are resin driveways? They are highly durable, easy to maintain and flexible so are suited to most shapes and size of driveway or patio and can accommodate existing borders and planters etc. Unlike some other materials that can be used for driveways, a resin bound system is totally seamless with no obvious joins. Other key advantages of having this type of driveway is that it is frost and weed resistant as well as UV resistant, meaning the colour of your driveway will never fade or change over time.

You may wonder, how do resin driveways work? They comprise of resin bound aggregates. Between each aggregate there are small gaps where water is able to infiltrate into the ground. When laid onto a porous base, resin driveways are SUDS compliant making them permeable. This means that surface water has somewhere to run to instead of forming puddles on your driveway.

New World Resin recently laid a new resin bound driveway in Gatley. The driveway was across the front and ran so far down one side of the house. As always, we used a 7.5 UV stable resin kit. Our customer opted to have Brittany Bronze aggregate. You can see from the photographs that the original driveway was made of open pore tarmac. We were able to lay the resin over this. Because the tarmac was permeable, and the resin bound aggregate is permeable the driveway was SUDS compliant. To clearly define the perimeters, we used slate coloured Tobermore paving blocks. These created a nice decorative feature, complimenting the resin bound aggregate. By the time we finished installing the new resin bound driveway in Gatley, the sun was shining, and the finished product looked stunning. In addition, we installed two security posts and added a recessed manhole. You can see the results from the photographs included. We had a very happy customer!

Are You Thinking of Having a New Resin Bound Driveway in Gatley?

With a wide range of colour combinations formed by a mixture of different coloured aggregates and the ability to adapt your resin bound system into any shape, having a new resin bound driveway in Gatley is a great choice!

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