The Key to a Perfect Resin Bound Driveway in Wilmslow? Good Preparation!

New World Driveways recently prepared the area outside a client’s house in order to install a new driveway in Wilmslow.

Our clients had decided to have a resin bound driveway in Wilmslow. To guarantee professional, long-lasting results, correct preparation of the area to be covered is essential. The first step in the process was to ensure that the surface was in good condition. This involved a lot of excavation work in order to remove the existing driveway and part of the lawn.

Once we had cleared the area, we covered it with MOT Type 1. This consists of gravel stones that form a sublayer which is ideal for paths and driveways. It creates a load bearing, stable layer and flat surface. You can see this part of the process of laying the new driveway in Wilmslow in some of the photographs included.

Having laid the MOT Type 1 sub base, we used Tobermore Shannon Duo blocks in slate colour along the edge of the resin bound driveway in Wilmslow. This defined the shape and nicely framed it. While fitting the blocks we also had to work around the existing track that was in place for the electric gates, placing a row of blocks at either side of the track in order to allow for the gate to open and close.

We then poured a permeable tarmac over the whole resin area. There are some surfaces on which resin bound gravel can’t be laid such as block paving, soil and grass, while tarmac and concrete are the most suitable for this purpose. With our skills and expertise New World Resin Driveways can accommodate additional features like this.

The foundations of a new driveway are very important for strength and in this case drainage too. A long-lasting new driveway in Wilmslow is dependent on each stage of the preparation process being correctly carried out. As long as they are installed correctly there should be no need to fit a drain as any rain water will penetrate through the resin and tarmac. That’s why it is important to use a company like New World Resin Driveways. We have built up a wealth of experience installing driveways over many years!

The next part of the process will be to apply the resin bound gravel.

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