New resin bound driveway in Hartford Northwich laid by New World Resin Driveways

Another Driveway Transformed!

You don’t have to visit the country to bring back a piece of Italy, when you can have Sorrento aggregate on your driveway!!

New World Resin Driveways recently laid a stunning brand-new resin bound driveway in Northwich. Our clients wanted to update their driveway to something with a more modern, sleek looking appearance and so opted to have a resin bound driveway. For continuity they also decided to have the driveway extend not just across the front of the house but also to the side leading to the garage.

We started by excavating the area and preparing the ground. We then put down a layer of tarmac. Tarmac is porous meaning that rain water can flow through it, making it a perfect base for the resin bound aggregate to be put on top of. Once this was down and had set, we were then able to start covering it with the aggregate. We used a 7.5 UV stable resin kit. You can see the various stages of the process from the photographs included.

For their resin bound driveway in Northwich, our clients chose to have Sorrento resin bound aggregate. This option is a combination of red and green gravel that creates a vibrant, attractive appearance and can really lift a driveway from boring to bright.

As you can see from the photographs, around the perimeter of the driveway we used charcoal Tobermore blocks. These complemented the colours in the resin and defined the shape of the driveway. While these blocks can create angular features, they can also be laid in a curve, which we were able to do, to allow for a small, planted area. We also covered a manhole cover with the resin to disguise and make it much more discreet.

Our clients were very happy with the results and now have a beautiful resin bound driveway in Northwich.

Are You Thinking of Having a Resin Bound Driveway in Northwich?

Resin bound driveways are a great option. They are low maintenance and weed averse. The aggregate is also UV stable meaning it will not fade over time and will maintain the same colour for many years.

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