Beautiful New Driveway in Heaton Mersey!

New World Resin recently installed a new driveway in Heaton Mersey and pathway at the front and side of the house. As you can see from the photographs the original driveway and pathway around the house was made from tarmac.

Our clients opted to have a resin bound driveway. A resin bound driveway is an effective way to upgrade your driveway, improve the look of your property and add value to it. Our clients chose to have Brittany Bronze aggregate. This particular aggregate creates a beautiful sand coloured affect. The subtle differences in the stones used to make the aggregate give depth and variation and because there are such a wide range of colour and texture combinations, you can choose one to complement or contrast your resin bound driveway with adjacent surfaces.

We used our standard 7.5 UV stable resin kit. In addition to using the Brittany bronze aggregate for the main part of the new driveway in Heaton Mersey we also added charcoal blocks around the perimeter and charcoal key. We were able to lay the resin over the existing open pour tarmac because it is porous so when it rains the water can flow through it and into the ground, making the new driveway in Heaton Mersey SuDS compliant. To finish we brushed over a little sand into the joints. You can see the great results that were achieved from the photographs included. We are going back to tarmac the private road next to the house.

Resin Bound Driveways in Heaton Mersey are the popular choice!

If you are thinking of having a new driveway or patio, deciding to have resin bound aggregate is a great choice. One of the great features of resin bound driveways in Heaton Mersey is that there are no loose stones meaning they won’t migrate to other areas like your lawn or the public pavement. They are also low maintenance requiring just the occasional brush over or power wash.

The technology behind resin bound driveways in Heaton Mersey brings together the best of other surfaces such as the drainage of loose gravel with the durability of block paving while looking far more attractive than these materials.

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